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Antec Launches Accent USB Lighting System

Human beings love to be able to control their environment. When you spend hours in front of a PC, you want that experience to be as pleasant as possible. Antec has a new idea up its (transparent plastic) sleeve. KitGuru pulls out an LED torch and goes looking for the ambient truth.

Originally popular with modders and overclockers, LED lighting now comes in a variety of formats for a huge range of users. Gamers can still make their high end rigs look devastating, but there is also a lot of science around the fact that balancing bright TFT screens with dark working environments can have health benefits for everyone.

Putting the accent on self-adhesive LED cabling

Indeed, for professional users, the importance of the lighting around your PC cannot be overstated. Experiments by laboratories across the world have shown conclusively that a human’s ability to detect colour, especially grey scale perception, changes with the ambient lighting.

For designers, grey scale is crucial, but for gamers ‘immersion’ is the key word.

Antec’s Accent system allows gamers to throw splashes of red and blue around their environment.

It can have multiple benefits, as one lighting expert explained, “If you’re gaming in a totally dark room, then you’re constantly putting additional strain on your body’s vision processing system. Adding even one USB light to your rig will not only make your system look cooler, it will also help balance the light levels being received by your eyes and help sustain your gaming performance”.

Antec’s Accent USB lighting comes in Red and Blue with a one year warranty and convenient on/off button for times when darkness is required. Each lighting strip is self-adhesive, comes with a 1.2m cable and the 6 LED unit itself is 37cm long.  Whether you prefer warm red, cool blue or a combination of both colours achieved by fitting both strips around your PC – Antec’s affordable Accent USB lighting is a great way to personalise your working environment and reduce in-game strain. This new Antec Accent USB strip lighting technology is expected to be in stores soon and pricing is likely to be ‘Very affordable’.

A pair of Antec Accent strips in action. Red and blue give a purple hue. Who knew.

KitGuru says: We’ve been firing all sorts of lights at the wall behind the monitor for some time now. The convenience of multiple colours, long cable and self-adhesion should make the Antec Accent interesting to quite a few people.

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