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ASUS Aura Sync looks to keep your lighting uniform

ASUS is well aware that a lot of gamers love LED lighting on their products – its why it makes keyboards, mice, motherboards and graphics cards that have that in spades. If you happen to have a number of ASUS supporting products though, you'll now be able to synchronise lighting …

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All PS4s to receive HDR update


While the PS4 Pro is Sony's biggest announcement in recent months, it did reveal a minor detail during the debut of that generation-and-a-half system: that all PS4s would soon support HDR lighting. It will come as part of a firmware update in the near future, presumably around the November launch …

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Dyson’s new lamp has heatpipes and heatsinks

One of the cornerstones of graphics cards of the past decade or so, is that they get quite warm, which means that heat needs to be dissipated in order to keep them functioning long term. While doing so was once possible with a little low profile fan, for a while now …

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Alienware FX lighting to come to Roccat peripherals

Alienware and Roccat have just announced that they will be partnering up to bring Alienware FX lighting to several Roccat gaming peripherals. So far, supported products include the Roccat Tyon, which we recently reviewed, the Kone XTD mouse as well as the Isku FX gaming keyboard. Drivers for the compatibility …

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Silicon Studio’s new engine demo is very pretty

Each new successive generation of graphics, we often hear a lot about Epic's new engine, or Crytek's new one and Unity gets a lot of press for its multi-platform outputs, but Bravely Default developer, Silicon Studio, shouldn't get left out, as its new engine tech demo is incredibly pretty – …

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Antec Launches Accent USB Lighting System

Human beings love to be able to control their environment. When you spend hours in front of a PC, you want that experience to be as pleasant as possible. Antec has a new idea up its (transparent plastic) sleeve. KitGuru pulls out an LED torch and goes looking for the …

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