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Rumours surround Samsung’s Android 4.1 update timetable

Ever since Android 4.1 Jelly Bean was released as source code last month, the number of custom firmwares is very likely to be in the hundreds. Nevertheless, some of us wish to remain on stock firmware that is provided to our devices by the manufacturer or carrier. Taking this into account, a preliminary timetable for Samsung’s Jelly Bean updates has been leaked.

Jelly Bean is coming soon to Samsung's most popular phones.

SamMobile has apparently acquired this information off Samsung insiders and according to them the Galaxy S III is first on the list to receive an official Android 4.1 update. It has already passed early testing and is expected to push out sometime in late September of early October.

The currently unreleased Galaxy Note II is next. Chances are it will launch with Android 4.0 and receive its update to Jelly Bean soon after launch. The predecessors to these two devices will also get Jelly Bean unless something terrible goes wrong in the testing process. If everything goes well then the Galaxy S II and Note will also get their respective updates before the end of the year.

If you’re looking for news on other devices keep an eye out, we’ll sure Samsung (as well as other OEMs) will release their full update schedules soon.

KitGuru says: While these rough schedules have not been confirmed by Samsung, they sound very plausible to us.

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