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Valve plans to greelight another 10 games by end of month

Despite having given the greenlight thumbs up to over 30 games already, Valve has announced that due to the pace of voting on the crowd platform at the moment, it expects to see another 10 ready for Steam addition by the end of the month.

On top of this announcement, Valve also expects to debut the first “graduating class,” of software, with five of them set to be available by 30th November.

Despite this positive news for those chosen developers however, would you be interested to know how many Greenlit games have actually been released, despite their acceptance onto the Steam platform? Two. Just two. Giana Sisters and McPixel. That's out of 31 titles so far given approval.

Giana Sisters
One of the few Greenlit games actually available on Steam

How many of the upcoming ten can we expect to be actually available for play on the 30th? Given recent trends, no more than than one. Still, Valve has tried to combat this a little by adding the concept section to Greenlight, where games in their early stages can be showcased.

KitGuru Says: I think Greenlight is a great idea, but I'd like to see Valve giving a bit more notice to games that are actually finished. Giving Steam access to future games is awesome, but finished games that are ready to go should get some sort of precedence I think. Anyone with me there?

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