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Unity addresses ‘asset flippers’ in blog post

The Unity Engine has been used to power plenty of good games, ranging from indie hits like Thomas Was Alone, to Kickstarter success stories like Pillars of Eternity. However, recently the engine and more specifically, its asset store, have been placed in a somewhat negative light due to a shady …

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Does the Unity Engine have an image problem?

Despite not having quite the visual pedigree of the Unreal Engine or CryEngine series of developmental tools, Unity is a world wide respected piece of software that has been used by millions to create thousands of games. However, according to the company's CEO John Riccitiello, the fact that so many people …

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A Steam Greenlight dev had a bit of a meltdown

Now we've seen indie developers lash out at the gaming community before, Phil Fish has ‘quit' Twitter several times and cancelled Fez 2, other developers have censored criticism of their own games with DMCA takedown notices on YouTube and now the developer behind Dark Base 01 has decided to use …

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Hatred has a release date

One of the more controversial games to be announced over the last year or so, Hatred, has an official release date. The isometric shooter, focusing on slaughtering innocent bystanders, will arrive on Steam on the 1st of June this year. The game was announced last year and was immediately criticized for …

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Little Devil Inside is a beautiful Greenlight RPG

Even though many game developers like to continue the march towards an inevitable day when graphics will become truly photo-realistic, often a title can feel much more engaging if it has a unique art style instead of one designed with the real world in mind. That's certainly something Little Devil …

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Valve reinstates controversial Hatred game

That was a quick turnaround. Just days after Valve removed the head-turning title Hatred from Steam due to it being ‘something it wouldn't publish' the controversial title is back on Greenlight and with its popularity, looks likely to get through the process before long. At its peak, Hatred was the 7th …

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Valve removes Hatred from Steam Greenlight

You guys have probably heard of Hatred, the game that centres around mass murder in an isometric view. Upon launching the game's trailer, the developer, Destructive Creations, became an instant talking point, with many throwing up their arms demanding that the game be cancelled. The game is still in development …

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Steam yanks scam game from Steam Early Access

Earth: Year 2066 has been kicked off of Steam's Early Access programme after being accused of plagiarism, deleting negative feedback and creating fake accounts to talk up the game. The rip off title cost $19.99 on the Steam store which was deemed far too much considering how broken the game …

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Valve may kill off Greenlight

Steam's Greenlight feature was supposed to do two things: free up Valve from the laborious process of looking through every game submitted to it and simultaneously make it easier for developers to get their games on to Steam in the first place. It's worked well, with hundreds of games being …

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War For The Overworld gets Greenlight approval


Our pals from Subterranean games have been given another boon in their development of a spiritual sequel/remake of Dungeon Keeper, as War For The Overworld has now been Greenlit by the Steam community, meaning once it's ready – likely on the promised 30th August date – then it will be …

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Valve creates Greenlight concept section


Perhaps to counter the fact that many of the first 10 games that the Steam community gave the ‘Greenlight' to were unfinished, Valve has implemented a split in the way games are shown on the crowd voting platform. Now titles that are finished will have their own sections, while unfinished …

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