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Valve forced to ban users due to Greenlight abuse

While Valve’s Greenlight service – where users vote on what games they want added to the digital distribution platform – has only been live for about 24 hours, the Half Life developer has already begun banning swathes of users for submitting fake games to the service.

While Greenlight should be praised for the fact that anyone can submit a game, meaning even the smallest of indi developers can get a bit more exposure and potentially have their title picked up by Steam – a great way to make a lot more money with a relatively unknown game – but it also means that it’s open for abuse. Already there have been a slew of fake Modern Warfares, new Mass Effects and even one based around the downing of the World Trade Centre.

Cry of Fear
Some of the trolling additions include real mods and games with the plot spoiled in the description (removed in this image).

Anyone found to have created a phony game will be facing a week’s ban from Steam’s community services.

Most of the entries on the homepage of the Greenlight site at the moment, appear to be legitimate – suggesting Valve is keeping on top of the fake entries for now.

KitGuru Says: While I can’t speak for the majority of real titles appearing on Greenlight, one I can give a thumbs up to is Project Zomboid, it’s great fun.

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