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Patriot Viper 3 Intel Extreme Masters Limited Edition 2133MHz 8GB Review

Rating: 9.0.

Patriot’s latest addition to the company’s ultra-successful Viper 3 series aims to take a more unique route to the throne of success. The limited edition Intel Extreme Masters kit is, as you guessed with a 2133MHz frequency, built for speed-loving enthusiasts. Quality is at the heart of this kit’s design with each module getting special hand-testing treatment to ensure continuous stability.

Equipped with the latest iteration of the sublime Viper heatsink, but this time in a limited edition metallic blue shade, enthusiasm is certain to be created by the modules’ attractive appearance. 8GB, 16GB and 32GB kits operating at frequencies of 1600MHz, 1866MHz and 2133MHz, ensure that all segments of the market can be tended to.

Both the Viper Xtreme Division 2 and Viper ‘Black Mamba’ 2133MHz kits have garnered our appraisal with 8 and 9 star ratings, respectively. Can the limited edition blue colour scheme of Patriot’s serpentine Viper 3 Intel Extreme Masters kit help it gain our recommendation?


  • PC3-17000 (2133MHz).
  • Timings: 11-11-11-27.
  • Voltage: 1.5V.
  • XMP Ready.
  • Advanced cooling – Viper 3 heatsink.
  • Limited edition blue heatsink.
  • 100% hand tested.
  • Lifetime warranty.

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  • Stevie

    Nice looking memory, so much of a selection now at this speed, it has to be all about the price. unless you were aiming for overclocking. The low profile samsung memory has to be the b est for overclocking, some people have got it to 2700mhz from 2,133