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War For The Overworld gets Greenlight approval

Our pals from Subterranean games have been given another boon in their development of a spiritual sequel/remake of Dungeon Keeper, as War For The Overworld has now been Greenlit by the Steam community, meaning once it's ready – likely on the promised 30th August date – then it will be available to buy and play through Steam.

Considering Steam is by far the dominant digital distribution platform for games at the moment, this is big news for WFTO, as not only does it mean that it will sell more copies once released, but it's also a great measure of how much people want this sort of game – since you need a certain number of votes to make it through the Greenlight approval system.

Imps, annoyingly good humans and a slap-happy hand: the makings of a great game.

We recently spoke with a few of the guys behind WFTO and got to ask them some more in-depth questions about the development and the gameplay itself – well worth a read if you want to learn more about the game. They also managed to complete one of their flex goals, which allowed Dungeon Keeper mentor voice, Richard Ridings, to make a return to the underworld. He'll now introduce players to each level, narrate the ongoing story and give little quips about how you're running your dungeon.

KitGuru Says: Good to see these guys doing so well. I'm pretty excited about the eventual release, what about you guys?

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