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EA to release SimCity for mobile devices

It seems that EA is having another crack at mobile gaming as the publisher just announced SimCity Buildit, an app for iOS and Android devices. This will be the first high profile mobile release from the company since the disaster that was Dungeon Keeper. EA says that the app will …

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Apparently Dungeon Keeper ‘innovated too much’

EA's mobile version of Dungeon Keeper didn't fail because it was bad or because it tried to force gamers in to spending money on gems, it failed because it “innovated too much”, at least that's how EA Mobile boss, Frank Gibeau, sees it. Speaking with Games Industry, Frank Gibeau explained that EA …

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UK Dungeon Keeper ad banned for misleading customers

The UK Advertising Standards Authority has banned a Dungeon Keeper advert after ruling that it mislead customers and shouldn't be called a free game. The investigation came after a user complained that the advert omitted significant information. The advert in question said: “GET DUNGEON KEEPER ON MOBILE FOR FREE! … …

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War For The Overworld gets Greenlight approval


Our pals from Subterranean games have been given another boon in their development of a spiritual sequel/remake of Dungeon Keeper, as War For The Overworld has now been Greenlit by the Steam community, meaning once it's ready – likely on the promised 30th August date – then it will be …

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