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Who cares about a mobile Dungeon Keeper when we have WFTO?

Dungeon Keeper is one of the PC’s most beloved franchises of old, combining base building, with tower defence, RTS unit management and a twisted sense of humour that is fondly remembered by all who played it. But since Bullfrog was merged with EA UK back in the early 2000s, there’s not been a  whiff of a resurgence. That is until today, where a few months on from a popular Kickstarter bringing about a reimagining of the game, EA has announced a new version itself, with mobile and tablet compatibility.
“Invade other players’ dungeons and unleash the powers of the Hand of Evil. Your opponents will tremble in fear at the sight of your army and the force of your spells as you lay waste to their defenses and destroy their dungeons,” reads the EA release (via CVG).

“Filled with engaging graphics, explosive PvP and PvE gameplay, and wicked wit, Dungeon Keeper proves once again that it’s good to be bad.”

What have they done to Horny?! :O

The much more cartoony art style and almost Farmville sounding player interactions have left a bit of a foul taste in many a DK gamer’s mouth, but never fear. Remember that Kickstarter campaign I told you about last paragraph? Well it’s the real deal. It looks, feels and sounds just like Dungeon Keeper (seriously, they have the original DK narrator and everything) and while it doesn’t feature Bile Demons, I was assured in my interview with the game’s writer that there would be one minion that suffered from chronic flatulence.

Of course at this point we don’t know what the EA created Dungeon Keeper will be like, but we do have a few hints. Looking at screenshots, it’s clear that the aesthetics have taken the cartoony to the extreme, emphasising the humour portion of  the game and dismissing much of the “evil” – you know, the main point of the game. Graphically, to support so many Android and iOS devices, it’s all been scaled back and looks pretty basic, with no impressive aesthetic effects at all.

Comparatively, WFTO looks like Dungeon Keeper III and is even named after the proposed game that Bullfrog was set to make. It’s dark, dirty, evil looking but still manages to feature some of the comedy that the original two games did so subtly.

Now THIS is Dungeon Keeper. It’s just called something different. 

[yframe url=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kfHaOLWnLNE’]

If like me, you love the look of War for the Overworld, you can pre-order now for access to the bedrock beta through Steam and when the full game is released, you’ll receive a DRM free version.

Kitguru Says: So don’t worry Dungeon Keepers of the world. EA Games can’t kill the legacy with its mobile cartoon, because the guys at Subterranean games are here to save the day. 

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