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Valve creates Greenlight concept section

Perhaps to counter the fact that many of the first 10 games that the Steam community gave the ‘Greenlight' to were unfinished, Valve has implemented a split in the way games are shown on the crowd voting platform. Now titles that are finished will have their own sections, while unfinished ones will reside in a concept area.

The Half Life developer has also removed the controversial $100 fee from concept designs, which made it difficult – some would say – for developers to get themselves added to Greenlight when budgets were tight. However all the previous rules for full games will remain, according to Develop.

Greenlight has been somewhat of a success so far

Other minor tweaks to Greenlight are also expected in the coming weeks, as Valve irons out the bugs and problems with its still relatively new service. However it's already proven effective, with  over 30 games at this point that may not have otherwise been allowed on Steam, getting the go ahead once they're finished.

KitGuru Says: Good to hear small game developers won't be forced down the $100 route, even if that fee doesn't seem too huge a sum from the outside. Are you guys happy with the way Greenlight is going? Let us known on the KG Facebook page.

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