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BBC to enter free music streaming market

The BBC is planning to enter the music streaming game, with a free to play service similar to iPlayer. Known as Playlister, the service won't offer exactly the same thing as Spotify and its contemporaries, but will stream hundreds of thousands of BBC recordings from the network's TV and radio history.

While this isn't the first time that the broadcaster has attempted to make its vast archive of songs and music available to the public, it has run into problems with regards to the licensing. However, the Telegraph is now suggesting that a deal is in the works with company's like Spotify that would allow for the use of those service's already in-place licensing agreements, thereby granting the BBC the rights to publish its tracks.

Making the unlistenable, unlistenable? I think I have that wrong...

Striking a deal with a commercial operator like Spotify should also prevent any music labels or other companies from feeling like the BBC is using public money to cut into their profits within the commercial sector – something it has been accused of in the past with services like the iPlayer.

PlayLister is currently scheduled for an end of 2012 to early 2013 launch date, with the project being headed by the BBC's director of audio and music, Tim Davie. He said that he believes the project would be the broadcaster's biggest legacy in years to come.

KitGuru Says: So what about it KG members? Do you think this service will offer something the others don't? Would you make use of it, or are you more than happy with what's already available through Spotify and similar offerings?

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