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BBC to expand services to many more countries around the world


Despite ongoing issues with license fees and what is increasingly labelled piracy with people viewing iPlayer content without paying them, the BBC is looking to expand its audience internationally in the coming years. Thanks to a cash investment by the government, the BBC wants its audience to expand to 500 …

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Children now spend more time online than watching TV

In a study that could be titled, “well duh,” research agency Childwise discovered that children in the UK are now spending more time online than they do watching television, and that Netflix alone accounted for more time than traditional TV viewing. These findings have been described as indicative of a …

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Take-Two is suing the BBC over Rockstar drama/documentary

Rockstar's parent company, Take-Two, is taking legal action against The BBC, in response to a dramatized documentary that the network has been developing, following the upstart of Rockstar Games and the creation of Grand Theft Auto, supposedly in an attempt to encourage young people to get in to programming. It …

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BBC DMCA notice demands Top Gear IMDB take down

The BBC appears to have fallen foul of the drag-net effects of automated DMCA takedown tools, as in an effort to curb piracy of the on-hiatus motoring show, Top Gear, it's demanded that the show's own IMDB page be removed, along with other bizarre URL's like the DailyMotion home page. …

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Tim Cook ‘deeply offended’ over labor abuse accusations

Apple's CEO, Tim Cook, has gone on record to say that he is “deeply offended” by the BBC's accusations of poor working conditions at Chinese supply factories. The companies Apple uses for manufacturing have been criticized in the past but despite the firm taking a more proactive approach, the BBC's …

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BBC says ISPs should assume all heavy VPN users are pirates

The BBC has weighed in on recent copyright and piracy talks, suggesting that Internet service providers should monitor network traffic and automatically be suspicious of customers using a VPN while consuming large amounts of bandwidth- assuming that all VPN users are pirates. In a submission to the Australian government, the BBC …

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Google is starting to forget BBC and Guardian articles

Google has begun complying with EU privacy law and is processing “right to be forgotten” requests. However, the process seems to be removing BBC and Guardian news articles from the search engine. The Guardian's James Ball has said that six of the paper's articles have been removed so far and …

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BBC Playlister announced

The BBC is launching its new ‘Playlister' service today, which partners with Youtube, Spotify and Deezer allowing you to save songs you hear on the radio to a playlist to listen back to later on one of the partnering services. Last year we suspected the BBC was going to enter …

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Faux BBC and CNN news emails contain malware


If you've been getting lookalike news emails from CNN or the BBC in the past few days, you could have been hit by a malware attack and it may well be worth doing a few safe mode scans with popular anti-malware software, if an AVG report on the Blackhole exploit …

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BBC supports idea of HTML DRM


The BBC, an organisation that in the past has championed open standards – according to their own blog – has pledged its support for the W3C proposal put forward by big media giants last week, in an effort to have the standards group push for DRM restrictions on HTML. The …

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85000 Facebook users begin dating mystery women

Genius reporter David Lee, over at the BBC, has uncovered a dating mystery. As KitGuru goes into ‘Roses are Red, Violets are Blue – We can Rhyme and so can You' melt down, we also try and bring you some of the facts. It seems that an organisation called ‘Cloud …

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Youtube is coming to Freesat


Freesat users, get ready for a lot more cat videos as Youtube is coming to your service soon. Marking the first time that a dedicated channel for Youtube has been made available on a free to view platform in the UK. This announcement was made as part of a celebration …

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KitGuru loves the quirky and unusual

While we know that most of the world will tread the same path, there are those who will ‘step off the reservation' and do things in a different way. We like those people. But then there are the others. People who stray so far from ‘regular' that, for them, the …

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