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BBC to publish list of removed ‘right to be forgotten’ articles

The BBC is set to publish a list containing all of the articles recently removed from Google Search due to ‘right to be forgotten’ requests. The list will be continually updated over time in an effort to always keep it relevant, this way, anything that should be public knowledge will be easy to find despite not being on the front page of Google Search.

The ‘right to be forgotten’ ruling was passed on to Google by the European court of justice, forcing the company to process s barrage of requests, something that the company has self-admittedly been struggling to do, although it seems to have the process ironed out now.

Google began accepting link removal requests in May, 12000 submissions were received in the very first day. It was also recently revealed that around 20,000 UK residents have asked for the removal of 60,000 links.


The head of editorial policy at the BBC, David Jordan, has said that some of the BBC’s articles have been wrongly hidden, something that has also affected The Guardian, which we have reported on in the past.

When applying for a link removal, you must provide all necessary links, the name of your home country, an explanation as to why you want the links removed and a photo ID in an effort to avoid fraudulent applications.

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KitGuru Says: Google seems to have nailed down its process for choosing which links to remove and under what circumstances. However, a list of what is being removed will prove useful to some. What do you guys think of this? 

Source: BBC

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