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85000 Facebook users begin dating mystery women

Genius reporter David Lee, over at the BBC, has uncovered a dating mystery. As KitGuru goes into ‘Roses are Red, Violets are Blue – We can Rhyme and so can You’ melt down, we also try and bring you some of the facts.

It seems that an organisation called ‘Cloud Girlfriend’ can provide lonely souls with the ‘change in relationship status’ that they so badly need and want during this difficult time of year.

In times gone by, when we all went out-and-about a lot more, sad folks might have considered hiring a woman for a romantic meal. Ideally, the escort would be someone who might (just about) be ‘natural’ enough to fool passers by into thinking ‘Wow, he’s lucky to have her’ etc.

The ‘complete win’ would be if the artificial couple were spotted by a friend – and word spread that ‘He is doing really well’.

We have gone with a male hirer and female hiree – but it could work the other way around.

Enter the 21st century and the aspiring online world of entrepreneurship that is Facebook.

Cloud Girlfriend allows you to pick your ideal date from a list of possibilities – and then give them the dream-selection of attributes that would make any of your friends jealous.

The intrepid reporter signed up for the service and got his dream date. Status updates were followed by a slew of congratulations and surprise, in equal measure.  It also seems that he didn’t need to lie too much about how they met etc, because his friends began filling in the gaps.

It's easy to get fooled online. Be careful out there.


Facebook is reported as stating that ‘As long as the financial transactions happen elsewhere, there is little they can do to prevent people hooking up, changing status and writing messages’.

Sounds a lot like what Facebook was invented for.

One of the ladies offering this kind of service is also a pro-class singer. She will drop a tune onto your timeline to add realism. Like this.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rATGwQlAN6c’]

KitGuru says: With professional services starting from as little as $5 (£3.50), it’s easy to see how people who need a little ego boost might be encouraged to take the plunge and pick up a date. It’s fast, convenient and guarantees the result you’re after – buzz around you and your timeline. In our experience, turning up at a nightclub with 2 or 3 gorgeous ladies almost certainly improves your chances – so maybe this is simply ‘Next-Gen: Fake it until you make it’ and it could have a (genuinely) positive outcome – but please be wary of scam artists!

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