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Facebook adding security to combat fake news and propaganda

Facebook owner, Mark Zuckerberg took to the company’s earnings call earlier today to announce that it has exceeded $10 billion in quarterly revenue, thanks to its 500 million users. It wasn’t all sunshines and rainbows, however, as Zuckerberg swiftly moved onto the topic of security, discussing the future of the …

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WhatsApp now lets you delete sent messages

Since being acquired by Facebook in 2014, many of WhatsApp’s feature updates have revolved around encryption and bolstering user privacy. Over the last week, the messaging service took another step in that direction by rolling out a feature to all users, allowing them to revoke sent messages. WhatsApp has been …

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Facebook fined £91m for ‘misleading’ regulators during WhatsApp acquisition

This week, the European Commission is fining Facebook £94.1 million, after concluding that the company gave ‘misleading’ information during an investigation into its acquisition of WhatsApp in 2014. The EC initially began vetting the acquisition deal between Facebook and WhatsApp on anti-competitive grounds. During the Commission’s investigation, Facebook made filings …

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Google, Facebook to combat fake-news during French election

Following on from claims that fake-news had a large impact on the U.S. presidential elections, technology firms like Google and Facebook are taking steps to combat it in the lead up to the French elections in April. Together they’ve debuted a service called Cross Check, which when it goes live …

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Facebook cinema stream shut down by Dutch anti-piracy group

While some lobby groups are still railing against the dangers of torrent sites and downloading, many around the world have moved on to much newer ways to watch protected content: like Facebook live streams. Looking to stay on top of emerging trends however is Dutch anti-piracy group, BRIEN, which has shut …

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Facebook Messenger to begin displaying adverts

If you thought using Facebook’s Messenger application was a good way to avoid seeing all of the adverts on the Facebook main site, think again. In what will begin as a small-scale trial in select territories, Facebook is set to begin running adverts within the app itself, providing links to …

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Social networks, tech firms to block ‘extremist’ images


Some of the world’s biggest technology firms are going to share a database of image and video hashes for ‘extemist content’ with one another, in order to prevent them from appearing on their various platforms. This is much the same system they use to tackle child pornography and although it …

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Facebook halts WhatsApp data gathering after ICO warning


The Information Commissioner’s Office in the UK has warned Facebook that it may pursue action against the social network over data gathering conducted as part of the WhatsApp messaging service. It claims that Facebook doesn’t inform its users enough about what it’s gathering. In response, Facebook has paused data gathering …

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Facebook advertising explosion leads to tripling net income


Like a real world game of Agar.io, Facebook is swallowing up everything around it as it expands into new fields of advertising and absorbs old ones. With the release of its second quarter financials, we’ve learned that its net income has tripled year on year, thanks to a huge expansion …

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Black Mirror? Admiral wants to use your Facebook posts for quotes


A recent episode of Black Mirror that addressed the idea of social networking ratings affecting the real world, could be closer to reality than you might think. Admiral is currently looking to use analysis of Facebook posts, searching for triggers like exclamation points and confident statements, as a bearing on …

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Hacks and spying, how Yahoo lost a billion dollars


As a company still riding its wave of late ’90s popularity, Yahoo is a company out of time. Its poor timing has really bitten it in the ass this year though, as while trying to accept a buyout from Verizon to the tune of near $5 billion, it’s been faced …

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