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Meta is still working on dropping Facebook log-in requirement for Quest 2

Back in 2020, upon launching the Quest 2 headset, Meta made it a requirement that Facebook accounts be used to log in to the headset, a policy that caused a lot of issues and controversy at the time. Just one year later, the company changed its mind and began working on a new Facebook-less login system. It has been a while since the last update, but the change is still in the works. 

During a recent AMA, and spotted by UploadVR, Meta's CTO, Andrew Bosworth, responded to questions about removing the Facebook account requirement for the Quest 2, saying that the feature is “still in the works”. However, the company is taking extra time to ensure it isn't breaking any data privacy regulations in the process.

Meta never really explained why it went all-in on Facebook for Quest and then reverted just a year later, but now even more work needs to be done to decouple the two platforms once again, which just feels like an exercise in burning money.

Meta's mixed reality division is also working on new VR headsets. A recent roadmap leak indicated that we'll be getting a Quest 3 next year, and a new entry-level VR headset in 2024.

KitGuru Says: Hopefully this change can be implemented before the end of this year, and well ahead of the Quest 3 launch. Did any of you avoid the Quest 2 due to its Facebook account requirements? Will you consider returning once a Facebook account is no longer needed? 

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