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WhatsApp is down worldwide

Last year, Meta suffered a major outage that took down most of its services, including WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and Oculus. Today, Meta seems to be having issues again, with WhatsApp going down and impacting users across the globe.  As of 8 AM this morning, WhatsApp has been down, giving thousands …

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You will no longer need a Facebook account for your Quest VR headset starting this month

Back in 2020, upon launching the Quest 2 headset, Meta made it a requirement that Facebook accounts be used to log in to the headset, a policy that caused a lot of issues and controversy at the time. Just one year later, the company changed its mind and began working on a new Facebook-less login system. It has been a while since the last update, but later this month, Facebook logins will no longer be required for VR headsets.  

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Quest 2 has sold almost 15 million units

Meta/Facebook has been pushing the VR market hard with its Quest 2 headset. The combination of its solid hardware and impressive software and algorithms, all packaged neatly into a relatively affordable product has now made it by far the most successful headset to date. IDC analyst Francisco Jeronimo recently revealed via …

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