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Meta pauses sales of Quest 3’s headstrap with extra battery due to fix charging issue

Upon launching the Meta Quest 3 VR headset in October, Meta also rolled out an official ‘Elite Strap' accessory, with an included additional battery to keep your gaming sessions going for longer. While the upgraded strap might be more comfortable, the included battery was not performing correctly. Now, Meta has paused sales while it works to fix the issue. 

The accessory is an additional purchase, beyond the Quest 3's new, higher price point. It costs £129.99 in the UK and $129.99 in the US and has been available for a few weeks at this stage. For what should be a small period of time, sales will be paused, Meta confirmed in a statement to Road To VR.

Meta unfortunately also confirmed that the firmware for the elite strap with battery is not updatable by the end user. As a result, affected users will have to contact Meta support to get their unit replaced. The current inventory of the strap is being updated with the new firmware now and once it has all been refreshed, the elite strap with battery will be put back up for sale.

If you are unsure if you're elite strap with battery is exhibiting the bug, then be sure to pay attention to your total battery life. If you aren't getting close to an extra two hours of use from the headset with the elite strap with battery, then you should get in touch with Meta support.

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KitGuru Says: Have any of you picked up a Quest 3 already? Did you opt for the upgraded strap for extra battery life? 

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