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Cities Skylines is coming to VR

The VR platform is ripe for many different conversions of various video game genres. One that is a natural fit is the city simulation sub-genre. Of this, Cities: Skylines is by far the most popular currently. Taking advantage of this, a VR conversion of Cities: Skylines is coming to the Quest 2 in the form of Cities: VR.

Announced at the recent UploadVR showcase, Cities: VR is a spin-off of the popular Cities: Skylines where “As mayor, you’ll be creating your very own metropolis, having a say in every aspect of city planning from paving roads to placing buildings.”

The game is a natural fit for the Quest and VR as a whole, allowing you to “use Quest’s motion controls to point and click around the map, and the game can be played both from an isometric view and even zooming down into street level,” making sure that the team “adapt Cities: Skylines to VR in a way that is both approachable for new players and a new challenge for Cities veterans.”

Cities: VR is being developed by Fast Travel Games seemingly exclusively for the Meta quest 2, and will officially be out in Spring 2022. With how Cities: Skylines functions, this VR adaptation should prove to be a relatively simple conversion – especially as the format suits the genre nicely and neatly.

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