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Microsoft to bring more Surface Pro units to US/Canada

We reported earlier this week that Microsoft announced they ran out of stock of their Surface Pro tablet computers, leaving many potential customers unable to buy the new product.

Microsoft have announced that they are bringing more stock into the American and Canadian channel next week.

Some sources have been saying that the lack of stock is an intentional move by Microsoft to raise hype. It has worked for Apple with almost every launch, so perhaps the OS giant is catching onto the tactics employed by competitors – releasing only minimum stock at launch.

Staples, Best Buy and the Microsoft store are all sold out of Surface Pro in 64GB and 128GB capacities. The 64GB version may be back in stock later today but the 128GB unit may not be back in stock until next week.

Microsoft have shipped 1.25 million units of their Surface RT model, running Windows RT. Sales were much lower than expected as Microsoft planned to sell 3 million before the end of 2012.

Rumours are circulating that Microsoft only shipped 750,000 Surface Pro units, worldwide, deciding against a large launch event.

While Surface Pro pricing is very high, the option to install any software already available for Windows 8 will be a huge deciding points for the potential audience.

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