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BBC Playlister announced

The BBC is launching its new ‘Playlister' service today, which partners with Youtube, Spotify and Deezer allowing you to save songs you hear on the radio to a playlist to listen back to later on one of the partnering services. Last year we suspected the BBC was going to enter the music streaming market and now we know exactly what it is. For now the service is web based but an app is supposed to be coming out in the future.

Playlister is available worldwide starting today, giving the BBC a higher profile internationally. Other potential features are already in the works including recommendations and paid downloads from the BBC's massive back catalogue of songs.

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Tony Hall, BBC Director-General, said in a statement:

“BBC Playlister is a wonderful innovation from the BBC that has been designed purely with audience needs in mind. We have a proud musical heritage that dates back to the very beginning of the BBC’s history, and over the years we have found many new ways of bringing fantastic music to our viewers and listeners. Working with partners such as Spotify, YouTube and Deezer, we will once again transform our audiences’ relationship with music and the BBC.”

KitGuru Says: BBC Iplayer is one of the best on demand streaming services, the actual playback and quality of it is much better than that of other networks. It's quite fitting that a music service should follow up, keeping up with the digital age and multiple forms of entertainment. 

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