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Google working on in-car gesture controls, files patent

Google has filed a patent application for some in-car gesture based control its working on, indicating that the technology might soon make its way to our vehicles. A number of hand movements have been listed in the patent which trigger specific commands, giving the driver control over the stereo or the air-con, perhaps even certain profiles for different drivers that customise how the car handles.Google in-car gesture controls
The patent reads: “The method further includes recording three-dimensional images of an interior portion of the vehicle and, based on the three-dimensional images, detecting a given gesture in a given region of the vehicle, where the given gesture corresponds to one of the plurality of pre-determined gestures and the given region corresponds to one of the plurality of predetermined regions. The method still further includes selecting, based on the correlation, a function associated with the given gesture in combination with the given region and initiating the function in the vehicle.”

If that sounds like a mouthful, it’s because it is, but what it’s talking about it a ceiling mounted camera, which syncs up with lasers to detect if you’re making a gesture. It’ll need to be quite tight to catch everything though.

Kitguru Says: Gesture based controls are now slowly making their way in to our daily lives. It will be nice to control our car using our hands too, Jedi style!

Source: ThinkDigit


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