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Roomba creators are working on poo detection issues


The Roomba is one of the most recognisable robot helpers out there, having been available in various guises for years and has helped many thousands of people live in automatically vacuumed homes. They do also have one glaring problem though: if they run over animal faeces, they can spread it …

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250 million cars to be ‘connected’ by 2020

The automotive industry right now is much like the early days of the smartphone, with the first hints at advanced computational features just cresting the horizon. There are companies all over the world introducing new automation and adding highly connected infotainment systems, but still most people put us well into the …

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Daimler to test self-driving lorries on Nevada roads

There's a lot of R&D going into driverless vehicles right now, with the likes of Google, Baidu and many more traditional auto-makers all pushing to become the first to offer a truly driverless experience on the roads. As much as they're pushing for cars though, others believe the first self-piloted …

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These tiny robots can lift 100 times their weight

The robot uprising is approaching and these tiny robots may have a part to play as they can lift 100 times their own weight. The super strong, pocket-sized robots were built by mechanical engineers at Stanford University in California, who will present them next month at the International Conference on …

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Google working on in-car gesture controls, files patent

Google has filed a patent application for some in-car gesture based control its working on, indicating that the technology might soon make its way to our vehicles. A number of hand movements have been listed in the patent which trigger specific commands, giving the driver control over the stereo or the …

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