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Spotify set to finally get Siri support in iOS 13

Earlier this year, Spotify began taking aim at Apple with claims of anti-competitive behaviour and calling for an EU anti-trust investigation. Aside from the 30% iOS App Store tax, one of Spotify’s complaints was a lack of Siri support for its competing music streaming service and now several months later, …

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Spotify won’t be buying out SoundCloud any more


Earlier this year, word began spreading that Spotify was in ‘advanced talks’ to acquire SoundCloud, another music streaming service that focusses on user-made tracks. However, after much consideration, it looks like Spotify has decided to back out due to ‘additional licensing headaches’. This is all according to a source speaking …

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Spotify user data shows up online but was apparently not hacked

This week, a Pastebin post containing hundreds of Spotify account credentials popped up online, leading many to believe that the music streaming service had fallen victim to some kind of hack. Information released included usernames, passwords, emails amongst other details but no payment information was leaked. However, it seems that …

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Spotify is moving its data over to Google’s cloud servers

This week, Spotify announced that it would be moving its business over to Google’s servers, taking over most of its data to the Google Cloud platform. According to those working at Spotify, this move was largely down to Google’s data analytics capabilities though some of Spotify’s business will stay with …

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Netflix is still against allowing offline viewing

Recently, Amazon Prime Video announced that it would be allowing its users to download shows for offline viewing, similarly to how Spotify allows subscribers to listen to their music playlists offline. This obviously raised questions for Netflix, which has been against offline viewing in the past. It turns out that …

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New Spotify data spots growth in relaxation listening

If some of the responses to our recent VR ASMR showcase story told us anything, it’s that more of you than ever before are listening to things that relax you before heading to bed, or to aid concentration during the day. That’s something that Spotify’s recent data release backs up, …

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Spotify’s new privacy policy demands much more from users

In our more privacy concious world, the policies that our favourite software makers operate under can be very important. In the wake of updates made to the music streaming service, Spotify’s privacy policy, many fans have dropped the service, citing excerpts that demand access to their private media on their device, as …

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Spotify swiftly apologises following privacy concerns

Earlier today, Spotify updated its terms and conditions and thanks to the wording, it sounded like the streaming service wasn’t taking user privacy very seriously at all. Fortunately, the company’s CEO, Daniel Ek, is eager to clear things up a bit and try to stop people from freaking out. In …

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Spotify might limit free streaming from next year

It looks like Spotify might be preparing to limit its free streaming tier from early 2016 onwards in order to keep record labels signed on to the service. Spotify is apparently facing pressure from labels, including Sony and Universal to offer less music in the free tier in order to …

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