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Discord has teamed up with Spotify for music integration

While Discord has a plethora of features and improvements pegged to debut in 2018, one of the more surprising moves is its partnership with Spotify. The music service is now integrated into the chat platform, allowing users to link their accounts and showcase and share the latest songs.

Discord users will now be able to proudly display the latest songs they are currently listening to on their profile, enabling friends to check out each other’s music taste on-the-fly including the current time the user is at in the song. This was a feature that has been available on other platforms such as Facebook since 2011.

Unique to Discord, however, is the Listen Along feature, enabling Spotify Premium users to invite people within a server to enjoy their music in a listening session. Previously, this was only available via bots and third-party websites that responded to built-in commands, however the Spotify feature hopes to make this significantly easier while still supporting music artists.

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Spending time with friends around gaming has been the foundation on which Discord is built. Finding more ways for people to create those shared experiences is what makes this Spotify feature exciting for us,” explains Discord CEO Jason Citron.

Spotify is no stranger to social integration and partnerships, already allowing users to share on Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Tumbler and anywhere else via a direct link. It even includes its own social elements in the form of following other users and their playlists, although this is rather limited. Given Discord’s exponential growth, the music service feels that seeing what other people are listening to will encourage users to discover new music, artists and playlists in a quick and accessible way.

KitGuru Says: I am not one for sharing my music taste publicly and often feel that music in Discord channels is a little intrusive on the conversation. For those that are a little more open to sitting in a channel with music on, this seems like the perfect feature but be careful, as outdated as it is, Rickrolling is still somehow a thing. Will you be using Spotify on Discord?

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