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Bethesda to host Starfield fan Q&A on Discord

While we have gotten a decent chunk of information on Bethesda Game Studios’ upcoming Sci-Fi RPG Starfield, many lingering questions still remain ahead of the game’s launch on the 6th of September. As such, the team at BGS will be offering “a Constellation exclusive Dev Q&A” directly addressing fan questions. …

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Discord adds voice messages

Discord has been making a lot of improvements lately. Earlier this month, the company brought a much needed boost to file sharing sizes, increasing the limit from 8MB files to 25MB for all users. Now, Discord is taking notes from other popular messaging apps by adding a voice message option.  …

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Discord acquires Sentropy Technologies

Earlier this year, talks of Discord being acquired began to emerge. Eventually, the company decided to remain independent, but took on a large investment from Sony. Now, Discord is putting that money to use through an acquisition of its own.  Discord has acquired Sentropy Technologies, a company specialising in AI-powered …

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Discord is rebranding to move beyond gaming

Back in February, Discord began re-evaluating its service and ultimately decided to cut out game launcher features and the in-app game store. Now, we know the next part of the plan, which will see Discord rebranding itself as a chat app for everyone, not just the gaming community.  Since launch, …

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