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In-app ads might be coming to Discord as soon as this week

To support game developers, Discord announced in early March that it would be introducing “sponsored quests” to its platform. However, it did not provide specific details about how this would be integrated into Discord's design. Now, it seems Discord users will get their first taste of in-app ads this month.

According to a recent report by The Wall Street Journal, Discord's sponsored quests are set to arrive on the platform this week. These video game-related paid promotions will appear in the bottom left corner of users' screens and reward them with gifts for completing in-game tasks while their friends watch on Discord.

Discord's senior VP of product, Peter Sellis, explained to The Wall Street Journal that the ads would target users based on their gameplay, age, and geographic location data. To complete the sponsored quests, users must stream themselves performing a task on Discord with at least one friend watching the broadcast.

Users can opt out of seeing sponsored quests in the app if they do not wish to participate. While Discord has not yet rolled out the sponsored quests feature, it is expected to arrive on the platform as soon as this week.

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KitGuru says: Will you be doing sponsored quests or disabling them? What kind of rewards are you expecting to claim by completing quests?

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