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AMD surprise launches two new Ryzen 7000 APUs

The Ryzen 5 7235H and Ryzen 7235HS are the latest additions to the Ryzen 7030 mobile series. Based on the Rembrandt Refresh architecture, these APUs have their iGPU disabled and use Zen 3+ cores, setting them apart from the Zen 4-based Ryzen 7040 processors.

Wccftech was the first to notice the addition of the new Ryzen 5 mobile processors. The difference between the two is that the former is designed for the Chinese market, while the latter is aimed at a worldwide release. These newly introduced APUs have a quad-core design with eight threads and are compatible with the FP7r2 socket. They have a power envelope of 35 to 54 watts, with a default usage of 45 watts. Per the detailed specifications, the base clock speed is 3.2GHz, with a maximum boost clock of 4.2GHz.

In addition to the Ryzen 5 7235H(S), AMD has recently introduced the Ryzen 7 7435H(S). Like the new Ryzen 5 processor, the Ryzen 7 H variant is for the Chinese market and the HS is for the rest of the world. These SKUs have also been added to the AMD website, confirming it as an 8C/16T Zen3+ APU. The Ryzen 7 7435H has a clock speed of 3.1GHz and a boost clock speed of 4.5GHz.

Both SKUs share one thing in common: they have their integrated graphics disabled. However, given that the primary specifications sheet states integrated graphics are present, there is conflicting information on this.

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KitGuru says: Although these new Ryzen APUs won't provide top-of-the-line performance, they look well suited for general consumer laptops with dedicated graphics.

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