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Intel Core Ultra 200 desktop CPUs to feature up to 4 Xe-Cores

A new report on the Core Ultra 200 desktop CPU claims some new details about Intel's new and improved iGPU. According to sources, new-gen desktop chips from Intel will pack a new iGPU with four Xe-Cores, and the first details on Z890 chipset motherboards are starting to emerge.  Golden Pig …

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Microsoft’s new CASO tech can deliver notable laptop GPU performance improvements

On hybrid laptop designs, the term "hybrid" refers to laptops that include both integrated and discrete GPUs. These two may collaborate to increase power efficiency by routing graphics jobs to either graphics subsystem, depending on their complexity. However, on many computers, this causes an issue that Microsoft hopes to solve with CASO (Cross Adapter Scan-Out).

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Intel Lunar Lake to pack Battlemage iGPU with up to 64 EUs

We're still ways off from seeing the Lunar Lake architecture in action but Intel is working on it behind the scenes. According to a new leak, these chips will launch with a new iGPU utilising the Arc Battlemage architecture.  The Intel Lunar Lake series is expected to pack integrated graphics …

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Intel moves 6th Gen to 10th Gen iGPUs to ‘legacy support’

Intel’s latest graphics driver update brings important changes to GPU support. This week, it was confirmed that Intel’s 6th Gen, 7th Gen, 8th Gen, 9th Gen and 10th Gen integrated graphics products will be moved on from active support to legacy support.  Moving on to legacy support doesn’t mean zero …

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