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Intel Meteor Lake iGPU outperforms Arc A350M in OpenCL benchmark

The upcoming Intel Core 100 Ultra series, codenamed Meteor Lake, will have a dedicated GPU tile based on the same architecture used in Intel's Arc Alchemist desktop and mobile processors. Based on the Xe-HPG architecture, this iGPU is expected to be as good as an entry-level dedicated GPU, and the first benchmark strengthens that claim.

According to the Geekbench 5 OpenCL entry shared by Benchleaks, the most powerful Arc iGPU will have 128 Xe Vector Engines equivalent to 8 Xe-Cores (same as an A370M). This is the same configuration as the ACM-G11 GPU, which powers desktop and mobile graphics such as the A380, A310, A370M, and A350M. The iGPU was recently tested on an MSI Prestige 16 AI laptop powered by a 16C/22T Intel Core Ultra 7 155H CPU.

The Arc iGPU has a 2250MHz boost clock and access to 6.27GB of system memory. System memory is critical to integrated graphics performance, especially in gaming applications. The Arc iGPU scored 27249 points in the OpenCL benchmark, putting it between the A370M and A350M. Moreover, the Intel Arc iGPU performs similarly to the Radeon 760M in the Ryzen 5 7640U. It is not as powerful as the 780M found in the Ryzen 7040HS, but remember that the Ultra 7 155H has a TDP of 28W rather than 45W. As such, the Core Ultra 9 185H iGPU (45W TDP) might perform better.

The Intel Meteor Lake series is set to be launched on December 14th.

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KitGuru says: With the Xe-HPG iGPUs, Intel now provides a capable solution for handhelds and low-power gaming laptops rivalling AMD. However, AMD is not giving up ground in the iGPU market to Intel, as it aims to launch its RDNA 3.5-based mobile series early next year.

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