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Intel Arrow Lake iGPU will reportedly be based on new Xe-LPG Plus architecture with XMX

Intel Arrow Lake is still far from release, but as is common with most upcoming CPU architecture, we're getting more and more information about it through leaks. The latest one refers to its integrated graphics, which look like an enhanced version of the Xe-LPG that will debut with the Meteor Lake CPUs.

Intel has already confirmed that it will incorporate the Xe-LPG architecture into its Core 100 Ultra series, also known as “Meteor Lake.” Xe-LPG will be integrated into a separate GPU tile and function as an integrated graphics solution within the Meteor Lake package. While Meteor Lake exclusively targets the mobile domain, Arrow Lake, its successor, is set to extend its reach across all consumer segments. It will most likely power the next-gen Core Ultra 200 series CPUs, and according to the latest findings, it will feature an iGPU architecture named Xe-LPG Plus.

According to a code commit to Intel's Graphics Compiler (IGC) found by Coelcanth's Dream (via Tom's Hardware), the updated architecture will be known as Xe-LPG Plus (or Xe-LPG+). The most recent version for Arrow Lake-S (ARL-S) includes these updates and identifies them as integrated graphics. Moreover, Coelacanth's Dream reports that one thing new to this architecture is the addition of an XMX Unit, which enables mathematical operations such as addition, multiplication, and the use of a unique type of arithmetic called DPAS (Dot Product Accumulate Systolic).

As for why Meteor Lake didn't have an XMX unit, the smaller package size seems to be the limiting factor. As such, the XMX unit should allow Arrow Lake chips to use XMX acceleration for technologies like temporal upscaling (XeSS), which should lead to more efficient performance.

KitGuru says: Even if Arrow Lake ends up pretty much like an enhanced Meteor Lake in the CPU part, at least the integrated graphics should offer something new for those considering coming from one to the other.

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