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UK banks may not be reporting all breaches to customers


If one thing has become apparent from breaches of corporate stores of customer information in recent years, it's that the fall out is usually lessened if you give people a heads up that they may have been compromised. An alternative for British banks though, is to just not tell anyone. One security …

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No wiretaps were rejected by U.S. courts in 2015

One of the big provisions that many politicians and intelligence agencies have claimed when pushing surveillance laws forward, is that intrusive search would require a warrant. While that should provide some measure of oversight for certain snooping activities, it turns out that in 2015 not a single wiretap was rejected …

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Another parliamentary committee has attacked the IP bill

The Investigatory Powers Bill is something that almost no one has approved of since its first announcement, with repeated debates and analysis heralding many concerns and problems, few of which have been rectified. Now the Culture, Media and Sport (CMS) committee has raised its own issues with the bill, citing …

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Spotify big data spots age related trends

Even though we love a good opportunity to rail against mass data collection, there is some interesting information that can come out of it. Take Spotify's look at the habits of its millions of users, which has pointed out that age seems to be a big factor in a user's …

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Reddit breaks down takedowns and user info requests

When you're as big as Reddit, with its near 200 million unique visitors, many of whom post content of their own, you're going to get a lot of requests from governments and organisations for user information; and for you to take down allegedly infringing content. Dealing with those requests is …

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UK retailers admit they weren’t ready for Black Friday

UK retailers have admitted that Black Friday 2014 was their biggest challenge this year. 32 per cent of stores surveyed following the sales day noted that handling the crowds and demand proved difficult. Some retailers felt that they were unable to cope logistically with the sheer amount of customers coming …

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This is exactly why British people pirate

We often hear a lot about Australia and its woes with getting legitimate access to movies and TV shows from the US and elsewhere and how that has led to it becoming one of the biggest hotbeds of piracy in the world. In the UK things are a little better, …

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Visibility, not illegal-downloads affects movie sales

One of the oldest arguments on the internet, is whether the illegal download of movies negatively affects sales numbers, especially when it comes to downloads during the film's theatrical run. Movie studios understandably claim that there's a direct correlation between a download and a lost sale, while pirates argue that illegal …

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Facebook conducts psychological study on users

Facebook is finding itself under attack this morning, after news emerged that it had conducted a psychological experiment on just under 690,000 of its users without their permission. In conjunction with two universities, it manipulated the news feeds of individuals to see if it affected their regular posting habits. The …

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Global anti-piracy strategy revealed in leaked report

IFPI Report

A secretive report written by the IFPI – that purports to represent the music industry worldwide – has been inadvertently made available online. In it, the group and its leader detail plans to deal with piracy and major recording labels around the world. The 30 page document is dated for …

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