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New PS5 update allows players to join Discord chats directly from the console

Sony has commenced the rollout of the latest PS5 system update, version 24.04-09.40.00. Of the update's features, the most important is the update to Discord integration, finally allowing users to join calls directly from the console, just as you have been able to on Xbox.

While Discord support has previously been accessible on the PlayStation platform, this recent update simplifies the process of engaging in voice chats for gamers by enabling direct access from the PS5 console. This eliminates the need for users to use PC programs or the Discord smartphone app to initiate or join calls.

In addition to the enhanced Discord integration, PS5 system version 24.04-09.40.00 facilitates the linkage of PS5 child accounts with third-party services and applications on the PlayStation Network account. Moreover, the firmware update includes improvements to the device software for the Pulse Elite wireless headset, Pulse 3D wireless headset, and PlayStation Link USB adapter. Moreover, the official blog post highlights the ability to share a PlayStation Network profile via various chat or social applications. However, the feature is not explicitly mentioned in the release notes.

A detailed overview of the update can be found below:

  • Child accounts can now link and add third-party services and apps to their account for PlayStation Network to enjoy benefits and features that enhance their gameplay experience.
    • Younger players that use child accounts on PS5 can link accounts to use features like Discord voice chat, music streaming via Apple Music and Spotify, and broadcasting and sharing gameplay via YouTube and Twitch.
    • New parental controls are available for parents and guardians. These controls notify and allow them to manage their child's account links with third-party services and apps. Availability may vary depending on age, parental control settings, and country/region.
  • You can now start or join a Discord voice chat directly from your PS5. Open Game Base in the control center and select the Discord tab to access your servers and direct calls.
  • We've updated the device software for the Pulse Elite wireless headset, Pulse Explore wireless earbuds, and PlayStation Link USB adapter.
    • PlayStation Link connection stability has been improved.
    • We've fixed an issue with the Pulse Elite wireless headset that caused the power to turn off when the audio cable is connected to the audio input jack.
    • On the Pulse Elite wireless headset, the status indicator that turns on after establishing a PlayStation Link connection is now less bright.
  • We've improved system software performance and stability.
  • We've improved the messages and usability on some screens.

The firmware update will be gradually distributed over the next few weeks, commencing with PS5 users in Japan and Asia and soon extending to users in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East, and the US. Notably, the latest system update has already been made available in Europe.

KitGuru says: Have you already got the latest system update for your PS5? Did you try the new Discord integration? What do you think of it?

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