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Spotify teams up with Google to give UK users a free Home Mini

Spotify has once again partnered with Google to give away a free Google Home Mini speaker to its Family Plan subscribers in the UK. The promotion is set to run until May 14th, but we expect stocks to possibly run out first given that users are netting the £49 device for £14.99.

Spotify’s Family Plan allows up to six individuals to use the streaming service’s Premium features for £14.99 here in the UK, meaning no advertisements and free rein over its extensive catalogue. It’s quite popular for users to split the service outside of a single household, but those engaging in the practice should be aware that Spotify intends to address this moving forward.

Currently, Google is battling for market share in the home assistant space, regularly edged out by Amazon’s Alexa-powered Echo devices. The Home Mini serves as the company’s entry-point into its Home series and a great means to rope new users into its advertisement business.

Last year, Spotify treated its Premium for Family users in the US by offering up a Google Home Mini, and now the same limited-time deal is available for subscribers in the UK. Google is even throwing a three-month trial of YouTube Music Premium on top to sweeten the deal, despite the service being a direct competitor to Spotify.

The promotion is available to new users and premium users that upgrade to the family plan or existing subscribers, with the discount applied after participants have chosen between the Chalk and Charcoal variants. Simply click HERE to get things started.

KitGuru Says: I’ve not been a big subscriber to the smart home services, but this could very well be my entry point. Do you use Google’s Home products, Amazon’s Echo or any other service out there?  

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