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Apple will reportedly face EU antitrust charges this week

The European Commission has launched several antitrust investigations against Apple over the years, including a big investigation over iOS App Store policies and Apple's 30 percent revenue cut. Now, Apple will reportedly face antitrust charges in the EU later this week. 

According to Financial Times (via The Verge), the European Commission is set to issue antitrust charges against Apple this week. This follows an investigation that began in early 2020, following a complaint from Spotify in 2019. Spotify took issue with Apple taking a 30 percent revenue cut from subscriptions on iOS and if sources are accurate, the EU will indeed be siding with Spotify on that.

Specific actions that the EU will take against Apple still remain unclear, but we should hear more on that in the coming days.

This is the latest development in a long saga of antitrust complaints against Apple over the iOS App Store. Apple is also set to go to trial and defend itself against a lawsuit from Epic Games next month, a lawsuit that was brought about due to App Store policies and the eventual removal of Fortnite from iOS.

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KitGuru Says: While the EU may charge Apple this week, we will likely see Apple embark on a series of appeals, so this could be far from the end of this story. 

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