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Apple’s App Store generated $30 billion in 2016


Apple’s App Store is one of the biggest sources of revenue for a lot of developers. Billions of dollars are spent through iOS each year and the number only ever seems to keep climbing higher. This week, it was revealed that App Store revenue received a 40 percent boost in …

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Apple will be cleaning up the App Store this month

iOS have been around for many years now and during that time, plenty of developers have helped contribute to the App Store library, which now sits at over two million apps. However, not all of these apps get continual support, some may have been abandoned years ago, so Apple is going …

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Apple to raise App prices in seven countries

Apple is set to raise the price of apps on its store in seven countries this month. While exchange rates typically rise and fall from time to time, Apple seems to think that due to the current position of particular currencies, it is time to raise prices a bit. The …

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Fake Minecraft 2 taken down from App Store

Earlier on in the week, people became largely aware of a fake Minecraft sequel doing the rounds on iOS. This app claimed to be Minecraft: Pocket Edition 2 and actually managed to hit the top ten on the App Store’s top-selling chart. However, after awareness of this scam app was …

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iOS App Store suffers first major attack

Apple is cleaning up the iOS App Store, following its first major malware attack. The attack embedded a program called XcodeGhost in to legitimate apps on the store, once several cyber security firms caught on, Apple let it be known that the company is working on clearing it all up …

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Apple is booting Pebble supporting apps from its store

Apple is currently outright rejecting apps that openly support the Pebble smartwatch on the iOS app store. Considering that the Apple Watch also officially released today, it isn’t hard to figure out why the company is doing this either. A developer earlier this week got an email from Apple, saying …

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Apple’s App Store downtime may have cost £17 million

Apple’s App Store went down for quite a while yesterday. During this time, customers couldn’t make purchases through any of Apple’s digital store fronts, no books, no apps, no music, nothing. As you can imagine, for a company as large as Apple, the longer your service is down, the more …

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Sponsored search results coming to Google Play store

Google has announced that it will soon be adding sponsor spots to search results in the Google Play app store on Android. The ‘pilot program’ will work similarly to how ads work on the traditional Google Search page, allowing developers to have their apps highlighted. This means that those looking …

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Apple adds ‘pay once and play’ category to App Store

Micro-transactions have become the norm these days, particularly in mobile games, so much so that it can be difficult to track down games that don’t feature them. However, Apple is looking to make things a little bit easier for you with its new ‘Pay Once and Play’ category on the …

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