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Apple surpasses 1.8 billion active devices

Despite supply chain struggles and slower production lines, Apple managed to make record amounts of revenue in Q4 2021, bringing in a whopping $123.9 billion, beating out even the highest estimations. As you would expect, this revenue surge was largely driven by iPhone sales, expanding Apple's reach to 1.8 billion active devices. 

Record revenue figures aside, during its earnings call (via The Verge), Apple CEO, Tim Cook, also revealed that the company has reached a new milestone. Over the last year, Apple added 150 million active device users, bringing the total number of active Apple devices up to 1.8 billion.

Apple hit 900 million active iPhone users back in 2019, and chances are that number has grown two years later. Combined with iPads, Macs etc, Apple has 1.8 billion active users. In this case, Apple counts a device as active as long as it has engaged with an Apple service within the last 90 days, whether its installing an app through the App Store, or updating your OS.

This puts Apple right in the middle of Microsoft and Google, with the former having 1.4 billion active Windows devices, and the latter boasting over 3 billion active Android devices.

KitGuru Says: Apple has proven itself to be pandemic-proof, with the company barely taking a scratch over 2020 and now capping off 2021 with record high sales. 

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