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Nvidia records 206% Q3 revenue growth driven by AI and data centre

Nvidia has spent recent years establishing itself as a leader in the hardware market for AI acceleration. Those bets began paying off hugely with devices like the Nvidia H100 becoming hot sellers and the streak has not come to an end. Nvidia has now shared its Q3 earnings report, showing revenues have grown by a massive 206 percent compared to Q3 in the previous year. 

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Netflix rebounds after ‘only’ losing 1 million subscribers in Q2

Despite the success of Stranger Things Season 4, there has been a lingering nervousness around Netflix's Q2 earnings report. In Q1, the streaming giant lost subscribers for the first time in a decade, putting an end to the non-stop growth Netflix had previously enjoyed. Over last quarter, Netflix did lost almost a million subscribers worldwide, which is actually much less than initially forecast. 

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HTC’s VR investment is an attempt to save the company

HTC's most well received product in a long time was its venture into a new field this year with the HTC Vive. The VR headset has arguably captured imaginations more than even the Oculus Rift, but can it save HTC's ailing fortunes? The company just posted a catastrophic earnings period, …

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PewDiePie made £4.8 million last year

We already knew that PewDiePie was a rich man, after all, he did make £2.6 million throughout 2013 by being the biggest channel on YouTube. However, now we have learned that over the past year he has become extra rich, with his earnings nearly doubling throughout 2014. PewDiePie/Felix Kjellberg, has …

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Facebook logins top 1.35 billion a month

Facebook now officially has over 20 per cent of the world's population as regular members, as its active logins this month topped 1.35 billion people. Daily visitors weren't far behind, with around 864 million people logging in every day – that's more than the entire population of Europe. Revenue and …

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Google’s Q4 earnings indicate strong Nexus 5 sales

While Google's fourth quarter earnings fell just short of analyst expectations on Thursday, the firm did manage to post strong Nexus 5, Chromecast and Google Play sales. Wall Street expected Google to generate $16.75 billion in revenue,  and while it did manage to surpass that, generating $16.86 billion, share prices …

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Will AMD announce record chip sales for Q4 2013?

With its Q4 Earning Call scheduled for 10:30pm tomorrow night, there is a lot of speculation about what AMD might be announcing in terms of revenue, profit and outlook. KitGuru puts its ear to the ground and listens for the strongest rumblings. In the run up to an earnings call, …

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Facebook earnings are up thanks to mobile surge


Facebook revenue and profits have been higher than predicted by analysts, after what is being described as an explosion in mobile traffic and therefore mobile advertising. Impressively, the social network beat out expectations by over 40 per cent, raising its quarterly revenue to just under $1.6 (£1) billion. This equated …

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