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Blizzard updates WoW to run on ARM-based Macs

In a surprise announcement, Blizzard today has announced that World of Warcraft now runs natively on Apple Silicon. The announcement comes just in time for the launch of Apple’s latest MacBooks, all powered by the Apple M1 SoC.  This is very notable, as it means WoW can run on ARM64 …

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Apple’s next Mac event apparently has a date


The rumour mill has consistently been churning out new information on Apple’s next batch of MacBooks for a few months now and while we have yet to hear anything official, it looks like Apple has set its next event date. According to sources this week, Apple will be unveiling its …

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Apple is discontinuing its Cinema Display

For years, Apple has been offering up a 2560×1440 Thunderbolt Cinema Display in its store and while it is still around for now, the company is discontinuing it this year, meaning once current stock sells out, there won’t be any more on the way. Apple has been selling a cinema …

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It looks like Siri is coming to OS X this year

Since its first launch, Apple’s digital assistant, Siri, has been kept on the iOS platform and while there have been murmurs of it heading to Macs in the past, it never quite panned out. However, this year things seem to be a little different as a leaked screenshot from Apple’s …

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Apple to bring Siri to Mac this year

After years of speculation on the topic, it looks like Apple will finally be bringing Siri to Mac OS X this year according to new reports. Right now it is believed that this year’s OS X update is codenamed ‘Fuji’ and Siri will be one of the big flagship features. …

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Adobe users faced with Creative Cloud file deletion bug

Towards the end of last week, an issue with Adobe’s Creative Cloud subscription-based software came to light, with some users finding their files being deleted without any authorization. This issue seems to have affected quite a few people but Adobe has announced that they are currently working on a fix …

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Apple’s OS X El Capitan will release today

Apple’s latest version of OS X is launching later on today as a free update for Mac users. El Capitan was announced earlier this year and has been going through an open beta ever since, while earlier this month Apple released its close to final version of the OS for …

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OS X El Capitan GM build releases for beta testers

Apple’s next version of the OS X operating system is on the way, with developers and beta testers receiving the GM candidate build this week. OS X 10.11 El Capitan launches in full later this month on the 30th of September, as a free update for all Mac users, though …

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