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Valve ends Steam VR support on macOS

 Valve has made efforts to support VR and PC gaming in general on macOS but the small number of users is beginning to push Valve into stepping back. At this point, Steam VR is no longer going to be supported on macOS.

The post announcing this is very short, so there isn’t much explanation from Valve’s part. However, the VR team does say that moving forward, their focus will be Windows and Linux, cutting out Apple’s platform for future VR updates.

Legacy versions of Steam VR will continue to be available through the beta branch, which anyone can access on Steam by opting in. Those few macOS users will still be able to play any compatible VR games or apps they had running on the platform too unless other developers also pull support in the future.

The situation may change some day, as Apple itself is also interested in VR and AR technology. Apple could work towards making macOS more appealing for VR creators, but it’ll be a few years before we see any major shifts on that front.

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KitGuru Says: It is always a shame to see a supported platform dropped, but in this case, it seems to make sense. Gaming on macOS is minimal to this day and the fraction of VR users will be even smaller.

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