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The Halo TV series will air in March, full trailer revealed

After years of development hell, the live-action Halo TV series is finally on the way thanks to a partnership between Microsoft, Showtime and Paramount. The series is set to debut in just under two months time and now, we have our first full trailer. 

The Halo TV series trailer aired last night during the NFL's AFC championship game. The trailer itself is pretty packed, coming in at over two minutes long and showcasing the Master Chief, Cortana, The Covenant, various weapons and more:

The trailer makes it clear that the series will pick up right as the war with the Covenant begins, but we also see some other storylines teased, such as the dark origin story for Spartan soldiers.

The Halo TV series takes place in its own alternate timeline, so it technically isn't canon. With that in mind, we expect to see some changes between the games and books and what is shown in the series. Halo will debut over in the US on the 24th of March via Paramount Plus – there is no official streaming partner announced for outside the US yet, nor has the show been licensed to a TV network like Sky. As always though, people will find a way to watch in lieu of official alternatives.

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KitGuru Says: This has been a long time coming. So far, I like what I'm seeing from the trailer in terms of production quality, although I must admit it is odd to hear Master Chief voiced by someone new. What did you all think of the Halo trailer? Will you be watching this when it premiers? 

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