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Nvidia records 206% Q3 revenue growth driven by AI and data centre

Nvidia has spent recent years establishing itself as a leader in the hardware market for AI acceleration. Those bets began paying off hugely with devices like the Nvidia H100 becoming hot sellers and the streak has not come to an end. Nvidia has now shared its Q3 earnings report, showing revenues have grown by a massive 206 percent compared to Q3 in the previous year. 

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Xiaomi’s revenue up 13.6% in Q1 2020

It's been a tough start to the year for smartphone manufacturers, but Xiaomi has announced that it has beaten the market trend by achieving a year-on-year growth of 13.6% for Q1 2020. The Chinese company also reported that major products sales have returned to pre-pandemic levels. In spite of the …

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Adobe breaks revenue records on cloud strength


Adobe has managed to increase its annual revenue to near $6 billion, an overall rise of some 22 per cent year on year. Quarterly net income is said to be at record setting levels also, thanks to rapid growth in its digital media segment, and expansion of its Creative Cloud …

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Uber losses are mounting, can it keep growing?


Uber is one of those companies that has always lost money. It survives purely on continued investment because it's a good idea. That means it's worth tens of billions of pounds, despite making catastrophic losses. The question is, can it keep it up? The latest report suggests that Uber lost …

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Steve Ballmer calls Microsoft revenue numbers ‘bulls***’

Ex-CEO of Microsoft Steve Ballmer and still the company's biggest share-holder, has called the numbers Microsoft revealed as part of its recent annual shareholder meeting, “bulls***.” Although Microsoft released its run rate – extrapolating results from a single point throughout the year – Ballmer wants to see real revenue numbers, …

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Yahoo inks deal with Google to prop up earnings slip

Yahoo announced late yesterday that it had signed a search advertising deal with Google, further enhancing an already existing deal with Microsoft, so that now Yahoo will earn a portion of revenue from adverts displayed in the trio of search engines from all companies. It's hoped that this will help …

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Sony’s PlayStation division made £3 billion in Q3

Sony hasn't been in the best financial position recently but the company’s PlayStation division is continuing to help keep the company afloat, generating £3 billion in revenue during the third quarter (holiday season) last year. That made for a pretty big sales boost, generating an extra 16.8 per cent year …

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Intel: Windows XP replacements and PC purchases are slowing

Intel Corp. on Thursday said that its revenue in the first quarter of its fiscal year will be lower than anticipated. The company reduced revenue outlook by about $1 billion. The world’s largest chipmaker blamed slower than expected replacements of Windows XP-based PCs by businesses as well as challenging macroeconomic …

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