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Sony’s PlayStation division made £3 billion in Q3

Sony hasn’t been in the best financial position recently but the company’s PlayStation division is continuing to help keep the company afloat, generating £3 billion in revenue during the third quarter (holiday season) last year.

That made for a pretty big sales boost, generating an extra 16.8 per cent year on year, mostly thanks to strong sales of the PlayStation 4.


Sony managed to shift 6.4 million PlayStation 4 consoles during the quarter, which is up from 4.5 million the year before. However, the ‘favorable’ impact of foreign exchange rates and an increase in PlayStation Plus subscriptions also played a part.

In all, it was a positive quarter for Sony, its sales were up as was its operating income. However, it still expects to end up with a net loss at the end of the current financial year, so it hasn’t fully recovered just yet.

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KitGuru Says: Sony’s PlayStation division is bringing in a decent chunk of revenue for the company. The company’s financial state appears to be improving thanks to its restructuring.

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