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Sony’s PlayStation division made £3 billion in Q3

Sony hasn't been in the best financial position recently but the company’s PlayStation division is continuing to help keep the company afloat, generating £3 billion in revenue during the third quarter (holiday season) last year. That made for a pretty big sales boost, generating an extra 16.8 per cent year …

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Crytek wants to fix its damaged reputation

Crytek hasn't been in good shape recently, it lost a fair amount of staff members and had to sell off the Homefront IP in addition to its UK studio development staff to Publisher, Deep Silver. However, the company is now looking to move forward and fix its damaged reputation according …

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AMD loses over 1,000 jobs during evolution

During last night's Q3 financial call, AMD executives delivered the news that KitGuru has expected for almost a year – a significant reduction in workforce going forward. It simply doesn't need the same workforce going forward as it did in the past. KitGuru pulls out the abacus to calculate the …

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nVidia third quarter results 2011, bean counters almost done

KitGuru's portfolio of investments is as broad as it is eclectic. We monitor the markets and look for bargains. That involves analysing patterns. For example, while roller coasting from quarter to quarter over the past 2 years, AMD has managed to create somewhat steady upward pressure on its stock price. …

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