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nVidia prepares to announce positive numbers

While the world of stocks and shares is supposed to be 100% water tight when it comes to the leaking of early info, for some reason every time a company is about to announce good or bad numbers – there is a corresponding increase or decrease in share values leading up to the launch. As Jen Hsun and the nVidia board prepare for Thursday’s 8:35am Wedbush conference, the market seems to getting a sniff of what’s happening. KitGuru dons janitorial jumpsuits and searches trash cans.

No matter how much marketing BS comes out of any company, at the end of the day, the bottom line is that numbers don’t lie.

It’s like your favourite football team (American or real). No matter how much you want to be a solid supporter, when the year is over – the results have either gone up or down.

Ahead of nVidia’s next announcement this Thursday, the market has responded positively. Without actually knowing anything. You understand.

With his company’s move to go high and low, using Tesla and Tegra, Jen Hsun does appear to have found the silver bullet for succeeding in the 21st century. The next 10 years will be defined as much by the ecosystems that surround and enable these markets as the hardware itself.

Can TWIMTBP thinking be brought into super computer and mobile device thinking?

Positive news ahead - or at least that's what the financial community believes


KitGuru says: Looks like nVidia will be pumping out some good financial news – alongside the launch of the Titan. All round, it’s a positive 2013 so far for the graphics giant.

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