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Exclusive GTX770 video with Asus

In a season of continuous launches, one of the most eagerly anticipated events has been the full on drive on Kepler – in all its variations. On 22nd March 2012, an email from nVidia's boss to all of his employees made its way onto the web. It congratulated them on …

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Roy Taylor and Never Settle impacts nVidia

The appointment of Roy Taylor, former nVidia VP for global graphics sales, was reported on KitGuru first. At the time, we could see the significance of AMD CSO John Byrne's team selection – but the question would remain, “How long would it take for Roy to begin impacting AMD's business”. …

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nVidia’s best Tegra 2 designs delayed to Q4?

KitGuru gets access to a lot of data as it flows across the interwibble. With launches and delays part of the ebb and flow of modern computing, it must be particularly annoying when one company's glory is interfered with by another product's failure to launch. KitGuru fills a glass of …

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nVidia lose David White: chief financial officer

nVidia have announced that they are losing their chief financial officer David White with corporate controller Karen Burns due to take over his position until a full time replacement can be made. White's departure from the company has been said to be for ‘personal reasons', and the companies high profile …

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nVidia CEO denies Globalfoundries move – sticks with TSMC

We attended a press event for Taiwan press where nVidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang strongly denied recent rumors that nVidia may be moving its foundry orders for Tegra from TSMC to Globalfoundries. He also said that nVidia still has a very strong relationship with TSMC. Huang stated that nVidia's decreasing market …

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