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nVidia CEO denies Globalfoundries move – sticks with TSMC

We attended a press event for Taiwan press where nVidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang strongly denied recent rumors that nVidia may be moving its foundry orders for Tegra from TSMC to Globalfoundries. He also said that nVidia still has a very strong relationship with TSMC.

Huang stated that nVidia's decreasing market share is due to the late market release of new hardware in the second quarter, which has given AMD a chance to pull ahead in the mainstream sector.

He said that nvidia is in a much stronger position now that the Fermi lineup is almost completely out in full force – boosted by very strong sales for its GTX460 products.

The success of the latest parts should, in effect, increase market share over the coming months as more manufacturers adopt notebook and desktop solutions.

nVidia CEO Jen Hsun Huang - not one for hiding his opinions.

With the GT430 launching on Monday, nVidia now has an almost complete range of DX11 cards available. The entry level 420 part, dubbed the ‘50w Fermi‘ by Kitguru back in May, still has not appeared and we're missing the dual GPU GTX490 part (that KitGuru saw on roadmaps back in April), should have been on the shelves already.

With teh GTX480 as the world's fastest GPU and the newer GTX470 designs looking better and better as the prices drop, nVidia now has the GTX 460 and GTS450 comfortably in the mid-range.

The significant problem for Jen Hsun is that as his company completes deployment of its full DX11 range, AMD is about to launch a complete set of second generation products and, once again, nVidia could be playing catch-up.

When questioned, Jen Hsun also addressed the APU marketplace by saying that the calculation methods used by Fusion are complicated and that if problems occur, it will seriously delay the launch of AMD's new chips to market.

KitGuru says: nVidia is finally in a strong position, will AMD be able to do enough to regain the momentum?

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