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NVIDIA Tegra 4 details leak out

Currently, NVIDIA's Tegra 3 mobile chipset is the oldest of the bunch when compared to the equivalent offerings from Samsung's Exynos team and Qualcomm and is the most in need of a refresh so it is no surprise that details over Tegra 4 “Wayne” have been leaked online. The Tegra …

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HTC waves goodbye to Qualcomm exclusivity

From the very first HTC manufactured Android smartphone, the Dream, to the present day HTC has only used Qualcomm chipsets in its Android smartphones and tablets. This will soon change; rumours of a Tegra 3 powered smartphone have been floating around the world wide web for a few months and it …

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nVidia’s best Tegra 2 designs delayed to Q4?

KitGuru gets access to a lot of data as it flows across the interwibble. With launches and delays part of the ebb and flow of modern computing, it must be particularly annoying when one company's glory is interfered with by another product's failure to launch. KitGuru fills a glass of …

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nVidia CEO denies Globalfoundries move – sticks with TSMC

We attended a press event for Taiwan press where nVidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang strongly denied recent rumors that nVidia may be moving its foundry orders for Tegra from TSMC to Globalfoundries. He also said that nVidia still has a very strong relationship with TSMC. Huang stated that nVidia's decreasing market …

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Nintendo ditch nVidia for 3DS – sources confirm

Contrary to popular rumour on the net, Nintendo will not be using nVidia's Tegra in their upcoming state of the art 3DS handheld. KitGuru spoke to an industry insider yesterday who confirmed that the recent news on sites such as IGN and Eurogamer were in fact true – Nintendo are …

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