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Nintendo ditch nVidia for 3DS – sources confirm

Contrary to popular rumour on the net, Nintendo will not be using nVidia's Tegra in their upcoming state of the art 3DS handheld.

KitGuru spoke to an industry insider yesterday who confirmed that the recent news on sites such as IGN and Eurogamer were in fact true – Nintendo are instead opting for a currently unknown Japanese partner for the chip design.

This is sure to be a tough blow for nVidia who have been very outspolen about their low power Tegra SoC platform and the impact it could have on their future growth. CEO Jen Hsun Huang has said that “more than 400 million” Tegra based devices would ship in 2010 and lead to “$10 billion market growth”.

We are not sure how much this Nintendo deal will impact those figures, but you can rest assured, no matter how you take it, Jen Hsun won't be happy.

KitGuru says: More on the mysterious  ‘Japanese partner' when we have it.

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